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 Touch Base: Center for the Deafblind is a nonprofit organization created to benefit deafblind people after they graduate from school. Currently, Touch Base is located in Houston, Texas. It is a small organization with a board consisting of parents of deafblind children, experienced staff from the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, and other dedicated professionals.
The purpose of this organization is to provide deafblind men and women with a day habilitation facility where they can particpate in organized, meaningful, and purposeful activities. These individuals will attend the day hab with their interveners for four to six hours daily under the supervision of a program coordinator specialized in deafblindness. Each client will have a custom plan of activities and goals created by a team comprised of their guardian, intervener, and the program coordinator. They may use tactile calendars with symbols, cook their own meals, have an exercise regimen, and participate in different group projects. Additional activities offered will be pottery, candle making, baking, etc.
At Touch Base, we also hope to further the training of interveners and to create more awareness of deafblind people in the community. Click HERE for details on the role of an intervener.
Our Mission Statement 

For people with deafblindness, and those who support them, to build connections with the community, promote self-respect, and improve communication and daily living skills, while creating moments of joy. 

Our History

Touch Base is the dream of the parents of two deafblind children. These parents feared that their children would regress after graduation without the daily structure and consistency that their schools had provided. They decided to create a specialized post-school resource that would provide services to deafblind individuals and their families. 

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